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When calling for a phone estimate for our window cleaning service, we need to know how many panes of glass your home has (a piece of glass surrounded by a frame), as well as if the home has any skylights, garden windows, divided lights or clerestory windows. 

It is helpful to know approximately how long ago the windows were last cleaned. We offer interior and exterior window washing; please let us know what you would prefer.

We can clean your mirrored sliding closet doors, bathroom mirrors and in some cases hanging glass lamps. 

With a biannual (or more) maintenance program, your windows will not only look great but you can save 10% off our regular price per pane of glass. Regular window washing is essential for taking care of your glass.

We have a $100.00 minimum for single story residential window cleaning and a $150.00 minimum for two or three story cleanings.

Please note: Windows with an excessive amount of buildup, i.e., covered in bird droppings, eggs, landscaping dirt and dried plant debris will require multiple washes, ultra fine grade steel wool and/or window cleaning razor blades to come clean and will increase the standard price by a minimum of $2.00 per pane.

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A Fine Reflection, Seattle Window Cleaning Service

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